Officlick is our mobile motor mechanic service and Italy's leading provider for this type of service. Had enough of waiting in long queues at the tyre dealers to switch seasonal tyres or of days wasted at the garage for a mandatory inspection? As of now, that's all in the past!

Officlick is an authentic mobile mechanic service, fully equipped for all the routine - and non-routine - maintenance that the vehicle needs in the course of its life: 

  • MOT
  • windscreen replacements
  • re-gassing and cleaning air conditioning system
  • seasonal tyre change
  • tyre balancing and alignment
  • vehicle dry cleaning 
  • full-vehicle check-up using professional diagnostics services

Only 20 square metres - two parking spaces - are required for our specialist staff to operate quite comfortably, including inside when necessary, and they always take very special care about the environment around them.

All the waste produced by the workshop's operations is collected and properly managed in compliance with legal regulations, leaving the workspace perfectly clean. The vehicles are lifted from the ground using pneumatic lifting equipment, thus guaranteeing complete safety for the mechanics while they work.

Officlick services can be accessed easily and on-demand from any device — computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Offclick, the authentic mobile workshop, just a click away

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