Operational flows

The auto logistics operation is underpinned by complex workflow and management systems custom-built to ensure immediate order fulfilment. The human factor is crucial for us: the dedicated call centre ensures a direct communication with dealerships, concessionaires and distribution centres.

The operating system we use enables the call center to have the necessary internal information available so as to optimize delivery and collection times. By continuously monitoring our operatives' activities, the call centre can provide immediate assistance on any problems resulting from the delivery of the vehicle.

The Transport Coordination Office plans the daily handling of more than 500 vehicles. The use of digital applications specifically designed for the Ecoprogram Flotte (UniNet — UniMap) structure enables the optimization of journey routes and ensures immediate assistance to staff managing each of the various stages. The back office handles the collection workflows, information management, and all the paperwork relating to every stage of the vehicle life-cycle.

This work ensures the essential support for all the different aspects relating to operation of the vehicle such as fines and claims. All without burdening the customer or the end user.