Blackbox Installation

The service offered by Ecoprogram Flotte does not stop at the final delivery to the customer. Each vehicle delivered is equipped with a special device called Black Box, a geo-satellite locator that monitors every second of the vehicle life-cycle and makes it possible to do an online check on its position. The Black Box, also used by many insurance companies, is a dedicated service that boasts important agreements with all the main national and international manufacturers: Artel, Texa, Octo Telematica , Lojack, Targa Infomobility and Vodafone.

The installation and monitoring of the devices is supported by 45 operators throughout Italy and 6 back office operators, who manage up to 500 responses per day. The quality of the service offered is once again demonstrated by the numbers: 46,000 Black Box devices installed in 2016, 80,000 planned for 2017, with further growth in 2018 to 100,000. And finally, Ecoprogram Flotte provides its customers with valuable support on all types of after-market work.