Digital tracking

Right from the very start, Ecoprogram Flotte's Digital Tracking has been conspicuous for its massive investment in research for innovative logistics solutions. No longer simple storage and handling of vehicles, but digital tracking. Technological advances have enabled us to raise efficiency and support our employees in their work activities, where the synergy of human capital and modern technology really does provide genuine added value.

Our main operating system (ACM), which manages every stage of the process from initial order to after-sales service, has been progressively built upon with the bolt-on of new operational tools such as Uni-Net and UniMap. UniNet was launched in 2015 to interface with operators on their handheld devices; the software system transfers data and information to tablets and smartphones, thus minimizing human error. UniMap is the “digital” map of Italy provided to Ecoprogram Flotte.

Just like radar for airport control towers, UniMap provides real-time information for fully controlling the logistics operations and displaying the progress of delivery and collection. That's a major improvement for those who have to manage thousands of vehicles, designing and optimizing routes which can suddenly change from one moment to the next.