square meters
Surface area of storage terminals in Italy. 16 logistics platforms to satisfy our customers with our highly personalized service.


Highly specialised staff working every day in on-site vehicle delivery. Genuine experts in their field, whose continuous training offers the customer a truly knowledgable, skilled person to interact with and guarantees them a meticulous thorough support service.


handling every year
transfers are constantly tracked through a web tracking system offering real-time monitoring. These statistics showing constant growth mean that the group is one of the industry's leading players.


Photographs per day
The photoshots that Ecoprogram staff use to survey 200 vehicles each day. With over 70 photos per vehicle, this is a service that guarantees our users can be confident the vehicles they are collecting have been properly checked.


daily matchup
Appointments managed by our call center staff every day. A service that lets the customer focus on the driving, because Ecoprogram Fleets takes care of everything else.


Black Box
The annual installations of satellite anti-theft devices. A service that relies on 45 operators, capable of carrying out an average of 500 jobs per day; numbers almost doubled in two years, a sign that the group is constantly growing.